Apple iMac Repair Middlesbrough

Apple iMac Repair Middlesbrough

So your trusted iMac has become faulty on you, we understand you require an Apple iMac repair Middlesbrough pronto!

iMac’s tend to look after themselves pretty well, viruses very rarely make there way on to Apple Macintosh computers as security levels are high. Other problems that occur with iMacs include the following:apple imac repair middlesbrough

  • Liquid spill damage (drinks, water etc)
  • Keys or trackpad not working
  • Not turning on/off
  • Running slow
  • Bad logic board
  • Cracked/Damaged screen
  • Pop ups/Virus/Malware
  • Freezing/Crashing

iMac Repair and Macbook Repair Middlesbrough

At Middlesbrough PC Repair we can repair your iMac computer no matter what issue you are currently experiencing. Our Apple iMac repair Middlesbrough service consists of a repair at your home or place of work if need be.

iMacs can be extremely important pieces of equipment for many users so when it becomes faulty don’t become disheartened! Simple get in contact with out team at Middlesbrough PC Repair.

Certified iMac Technician Middlesbrough

That’s right! In our team we have a certified iMac technician Middlesbrough who has years of experiencing in repairing many different generations of iMacs. If you have problems with your iMac we guarantee we have managed to repair the issue before. Middlesbrough PC Repair are highly regarded for our professional service and highly competitive prices. You will struggle to find a cheaper Apple iMac repair Middlesbrough.

iMac Advice

As well as devoting ourselves to Apple iMac repair Middlesbrough we offer free advice regarding any issues or general questions you are experiencing with your iMac or Macbook device. We are open six days a week and we offer on-site support so that if you are having software issues we will be able to fix your device without coming out to you.

Although most iMac repairs can be completed on-site not all can. In rare cases our certified iMac technician may have to take the device back to our workshop. apple imac repair middlesbrough service

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Computer Repair Services In The North East

Computer Repair Services Middlesbrough

Looking for computer repair services in the North East that covers your post code? Middlesbrough PC Repair work with various different companies who cover different areas in the North East, these include the following:

All of these computer repair companies mentioned are highly trusted and experiences to deal with your PC related problems no matter what they may be. Here at Middlesbrough PC Repair we proudly serve the TS1 post code so if you are calling from this area you have found the right place. Our engineers constantly monitor the TS1 area and are only one phone call away from fixing your damaged PC.

When it comes to computer repair in the North East the list of computer companies listed above are highly recommendable. All engineers are Microsoft and Apple certified meaning they are eligible to repair your computer device, they are trusted to give customers a highly professional service as well as at unbeatable prices.

Computer Repair Services On Offer

  • Desktops. PC’s or Mac’s, all makes and models, all problems
  • Operating System Upgrades and Repairs
  • Virus, Adware, Spyware, Trojan Removal
  • Memory Upgrades on all systems and brands (new or old)
  • Blue screen of death issue
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Internet connection repairs
  • No screen, flickering screen or dim screen repairs
  • Data recovery, damaged or lost files. Hard drives & flash drives
  • DC Jack repairs.

If you are looking for computer repair services in the North East then the list of computer companies listed above should give you a consensus of where to look. All companies mentioned have vast experience in computer repairlaptop repair and iMac repair. For computer repairs in Middlesbrough contact us at Middlesbrough PC Repair today on 01642 337990 or alternately fill in the contact form.

computer repair services

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Laptop Repair Service

Laptop Repair Service Middlesbrough

Do you need your laptop repaired quickly? Our technicians will arrange an appointment at your Middlesbrough, home or place of work. Our main aim is to fix and repair your machine within the hour. For more complex issues we collect and return your broken laptop for FREE.

Why Choose Our Laptop Repair Service?

For laptop repair near me and computer repair we have unique selling points that make us stand out from competitors, these include:

  • Free Call Outlaptop repair service
  • No Fix = No Fee
  • Same day service
  • All work guaranteed
  • Free antivirus
  • 1 hour response time
  • We come to you
  • Microsoft certified engineers

When getting your laptop repaired it is essential that the service you receive is professional, honest and reliable. If the repair cannot be completed at your home then Middlesbrough PC Repair will do so at our local workshop, if you are not happy with the quote you receive do not panic as there is no obligation what so ever.

If you have a laptopnetbooknotebook or iMac book computer and the screen is smashed or cracked we can repair or replace the screen for you here at Middlesbrough PC Repair.  We have most types of screen in stock and can usually do a repair the same day.  we do not use cheap screens for laptop screen repairs as other companies tend to do and all our screens come with a 12 month warranty.


Our diagnostics encompass a multi-point series of tests designed to pinpoint the cause of your computer failure. These tests also help us determine if something else is going on that you may or may not yet be aware of. We do this to ensure that there are no surprises down the road in the life of your computer.

If you are looking for laptop repair near me why not leave it with the professionals? Call Middlesbrough PC Repair today on 01642 337990 or fill in the contact form for a prolonged response, we look forward to hearing from you.

laptop repair middlesbrough

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Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair Service Middlesbrough

Having troubles with your computer? Are you noticing unusual behaviour? We offer residents of Middlesbrough a computer repair service that you can rely on. Our team of computer technicians have fixed hundreds of customer’s computers, we have much needed and valuable experience in the computer repair industry which is why we are regarded as one of Middlesbrough’s best computer repair service. We fix all makes and all models of computers including custom made ones.

Computer Repair Service Near Me

Middlesbrough PC Repair provide a call out service at highly competitive prices, this includes pick up and delivery where you pay no extra cost. We refuse to charge by the hour. Services we offer come in a wide variety including a quick PC clean up to a data recovery service, we even can build you a desktop computer tailored for your specific requirements. Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your computer we have a solution in line for you. As well as specialising in computer repairs we also are experts in laptop repair and iMac repair.

We offer:computer repair service

  • Free Call Out
  • No Fix = No Fee
  • Same Day Service
  • All Work Guarenteed
  • Free Antivirus
  • 1 Hour Response Time
  • We Come To You
  • Certified Engineers

With different computer repairs for different problems Middlesbrough PC Repair is a computer repair service that can get the job done first time round with no problems. To book a computer repair service that is not only completely to the highest of standards but at competitive prices. Call us on 01642 337990 or request a call back in the contact form, calling an engineer is quicker to be appointment due to it being over the phone and filling in the contact form may result in a longer response time. Middlesbrough PC Repair take pride in all work we take on so be assured when we repair your PC it is only repaired to the highest of standards.

computer repair service middlesbrough

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Purchasing an iMac

mac repair middlesbrough

Purchasing an iMac Is It Worth It

Whether its iPhones or Samsung smart phones people tend to use these for the internet as you can do so on the go. Many advice that you shouldn’t spend over £300  as what a expensive smart phone can do a laptop can do, you could buy a iMac for a massive one thousand pounds and in some cases even more but what’s the difference and is it worth spending it?

imac repair middlesbrough


From most angles a iMac really is beautiful, its slim design is definitely one of the nicest to look at on the market and its aluminium colour is very soothing. A Problem however is the back of the iMac. You will have to spin it around every time you want to plug something in which could be rather frustrating, other than that though the design is pretty much flawless.

imacs iconic design


There is no other way of putting it really is a terrific screen with great contrast and viewing angles. In terms of display there really isn’t much better then iMacs!


iMacs can handle gaming! But it definitely isn’t a gaming computer, but if you would like to play the odd game then the iMac in most cases can handle it.


There is a weak link and that’s the storage. You can upgrade to a higher storage but it isn’t going to be cheap.

Obviously it is a matter of opinion if it’s worth purchasing higher end computer and if you’re working from home for example then it’s a good idea! Middlesbrough PC Repair have dedicated Apple engineers that can fix your old iMac and your Macbook, simply give us a call on 01642 337 990 today and we can book you in for an appointment

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The ‘i’ In Apple

Why does the Apple franchise have the letter ‘i’ before all its product?

The ‘i’ that comes before every product is an icon, when you see the lower case ‘i’ before any name people immediately recognise that it is something designed from Apple. As you probably expected it does in fact stand for the internet but not just that. When the iMac range was first released back in 1998 Steve Jobs explains that not it stands for internet but it also stands for individual, instruct, inform and inspire. The Apple range started as a personal computer company and as it started to expand and technology developed they started expanding it into educational purposes.

The 'i' in Apple explained

Apple Continuously Expanding

In recent times Apple have started to move away from the ‘i’ icon and replaced with the actual name of ‘Apple’ for example the Apple TV and the Apple Watch. When the first iMac was released Steve Jobs explained “Even though this is a full-blooded Macintosh, we are targeting this for the number one use that consumers tell us they want a computer for, which is to get on the internet, simply, and fast”.

Apple Repairs

Middlesbrough PC Repair do in fact repair iMacs but we do not repair iPods or iPhone’s. If you require a iMac repair call us today on 01642 337990.

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Computer Eyestrain

Eyestrain: It affects all of us!

If you use a computer on a daily basis for a few number of hours straight you probably suffer from eyestrain, the problem can become that bad that in later years you could require eye treatment. On an average day if you work in office you probably spend 8 years staring at a computer screen, even if you’re not at work you’ll spend hours in front of the TV, gaming console, phone or maybe even tablet which also can contribute to eye problems after time. The name given to eyestrain caused from computer screens is ‘computer vision syndrome’ symptoms of this include eye irritation, double vision, blurred vision and commonly headaches.

eyestrain through computer useage

Tips to prevent ‘computer vision syndrome’ include:

  • Take regular breaks off the computer, even if its just for five minutes every hour you will give your eyes time to adjust to the surroundings then your fit to go again.
  • Try and blink regularly, it may sound silly but when you are focused on the screen the body forgets to do so. Doing so keeps the eye lubricated therefore stopping it drying up.
  • Adjust the screen settings so you get the screen as comfortable to look at as possible, everyone has their personal preferences so try adjusting the screen brightness, screen positioning and colour setting.
  • If you move the screen approximately 20 inches away from you this should be more comfortable to look out, it’s more or less the perfect distance so you don’t have to strain your eye from it being far away.
  • If you have glasses and you require them make sure you wear them! You could be damaging your eyes through strain.




Following these 5 steps could save you a lot of long term pain and this could be the trick to healthier eyes.

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Our first new post

We will be updating this new section with regular Pc news, including tip’s and advice on how to repair your Pc. If you have any questions about our services please call us on 01642 337990 or use call-us-nowthe contact form on this website to submit your queries.

List of our services
> PC Repair
> Computer Repair
> Laptop Repair
> Hardware Repair
> Virus Removal
> PC Tune Up


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