Computer Repair Middlesbrough

Are you experiencing troubles with your computer? At Middlesbrough PC Repair we specialise in computer repair. With an experienced team on board along side years of experience in the computer and laptop repair industry there isn’t many issues regarding PC’s that we haven’t been able to resolve.

Common computer repair services we complete for our customers include:

  • Desktops. PC’s or Mac’s, all makes and models, all problems
  • Operating System Upgrades and Repairscomputer repair service
  • Virus, Adware, Spyware, Trojan Removal
  • Memory Upgrades on all systems and brands (new or old)
  • Blue screen of death issue
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Internet connection repairs
  • No screen, flickering screen or dim screen repairs
  • Data recovery, damaged or lost files. Hard drives & flash drives

Alongside computer repair we also pride our selves in laptop repair, and iMac repair. For any of these services contact us on 01642 337990.

New & Used Computers in Middlesbrough

Are you looking for an affordable new computer? We can help! Getting a new computer is very easy with our custom built computer service in Middlesbrough.  Most new computers come loaded with a bunch of junk these days. Some of it just takes up your memory and system resources. You will not have that problem with a computer custom built just for you. We like to talk to you face to face to get a better understanding of your computing needs. So give us a call and set a time so we can come to see you about getting your fast custom built new repair

Refurbished/Used Computers

We occasionally have used computers for sale. Every used computer that we sell goes through a process of hardware and software testing to ensure that you get the most for your money. We replace bad parts with brand new parts. So, although some of our used computers might look old from the outside, they will be brand new in the inside. If you simply want to upgrade your used computer with newer parts, we will be happy to help you with that as well.

PC Repair is committed to providing reliable new and used computers in Vancouver Washington. Give us a call if you are interested in getting a used computer or to set up an appointment to bring in your computer for a free upgrade assessment.

Hassle Free Warranty for New & Used Computers

Just like in the big computer store, every new computer comes with a 1 year factory warranty for all the new parts used. Just give us a call and we will pick up your computer for a free diagnosis. If we find a defective part, we will replace it for you at no extra charge once the replacement is received. Used computers come with a 90 day warranty. New parts on used computers will be covered under the factory warranty, which is usually 1 year. Our warranty does not cover software related issues like viruses, or damage caused by tampering with the hardware for both new and used computers.

Middlesbrough is situated in the North East of England, and as a large industrial town resting to the south of the River Tees, it has an overall population of around 400,000. The coat of arms for Middlesbrough show an azure lion, beneath 2 ships to represent the active ports of repair middlesbrough

An interesting unknown fact for Middlesbrough is, the town was in fact the first one to be bombed during the Second World War, due to the industrial growth and movement in the town made it become a key target. To learn more about Middlesbrough as a town please click here