DC Power Jack Repair Middlesbrough

If you have a laptop and you have tried replacing the charger but it still refuses to charge it is not  there is a high possibility you will need a DC Power Jack Repair. If the pin where you put the charger in seems loose then the chances are that it will need to be fixed.

Middlesbrough PC Repair only use the latest heat and solder tools to ensure the job is done right the first time round, many other computer repair company’s will use quick fixes.

dc jack repair north yorkshire

How Can My DC Power Jack Break?

Dropping the laptop whilst it is connected to the charger.

Wear and tear.

DC Power Jacks tend to have little protection making them vulnerable. 

Middlesbrough PC Repair fix all makes and models of laptops including HP, Toshiba, IBM, Acer and Dell.

dc power jack repair middlesbrough

If your laptop require a DC Power Jack and you live in the North Yorkshire region do not hesitate to give the experts a quick call on 01642 337990. We are more than happy to help.