Computer Hardware Repair: Laptop Screen Repair, Hard Drive Replacement, Cooling System Repairs

We provide computer repair in Middlesbrough for computer problems caused by faulty hardware. Our computer repair service comes with a free computer diagnosis to help determine what thecall-us-now faulty hardware is. If we determine that there is any faulty hardware that needs to be replaced, we will give you a call with an estimate first, before doing any repairs on your machine.

Computer Repair Parts

We don’t carry all parts because not all computers are the same. Some people like to take the opportunity to upgrade their computer parts, so we like to give you that option as well. As far as pricing goes, you only pay what we paid to get the computer part(s); plus the labor for computer repair, nothing more!

Hardware Related Computer Repair Services

Here are some of the hardware related computer repair services we provide in Middlesbrough:

  • Computer Hardware Diagnosis
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Power supply replacement
  • CD / DVD drive Replacement
  • Cooling fan/system repair

In addition to doing computer hardware repairs, we also do computer recovery. If your computer is not turning on when it’s properly set up, or if your computer crashed, we can help. Do not write your computer off as beyond repair, unless we take a look at it. In most cases your hard drive can still be accessed. So if you have important files, data recovery might be an option for you.

As part of our mission is to provide affordable computer repair service in Middlesbrough, we always try to find you the best deals on computer parts. We make no profit from computer parts and we don’t intend to. So, you will find that our computer repair rates are very reasonable.

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