PC Tune Up Service

A PC tune up is a service that is designed to find and resolve things that cause computer performance issues. If your computer is not running as well as it should, it’s time for a computer tune-up.

Whether your computer is taking too long to start up, shutdown, or is just running slow, a diagnosis is done to determine the source of the problem. There are two main parts to our computer tune-up service:

Hardware Assessment & PC Tune up

This step looks over the computer’s physical parts to determine if there are physical issues affecting your computers performance. We will inform you if there are any parts that need to be replaced or upgraded. Your approval for any additional costs for parts will be required before any parts are ordered.

Files, Software & System PC Tune up

Software conflicts, junk files, fragments of removed programs, fragmented files and too many start up items affect computer performance. These are addressed on the second part of our computer tune-up service. We also check for stealthy viruses to make sure that no stone is left un-turned.

A computer tune-up is a great way to speed up and prolong the life of your computer. Even new computers need a little clean up and tune-up to remove all unwanted trail programs that use up system resources. Middlesbrough PC repair offers affordable computer tune-up service in Middlesbrough. We can help you get better performance out of your computer. Call us today!

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